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OLD news:

24 Jul 08: RESULTS & TUNING ARTICLES POSTED: The results for Race 2 of the SCR championships have now been posted on the results page. Use the links on the Left Hand side to navigate to them

DENNIS HAS ALSO WRITTEN SOME EXCELLENT ARTICLES ON TUNING RTR SLOTCARS. These can be found on the Tuning Tips page (via the link on the left). Everyone should have a good read as Dennis has explained these tips in details

21 May 08: RESULTS FOR V8'S & OPEN WHEELERS POSTED: Race 1 of the SCR championships has now been completed across the 4 key tracks. These results can now be viewed on the Results pages.

03 Apr 08: CALENDAR HAS NOW BEEN UPDATED: As emailed out by Dave, the new Calendar has now been added. This includes dates up to the 14th of July. Click the Calendar link on the Left hand menu to take you to the calendar page

26 Mar 08: A NEW YEAR & SOME NEW UPDATES!: South City Raceways has undergone some change of recent, some change in structure & hopefully a new direction. This includes some new rules for & a new way of organising our calendar.....more

11 Jul 07: NEW TRACK MANIA AT SOUTH CITY RACEWAYS: As tracks go, new tracks take there place. It appears that there has been a new track frenzy at South City Raceways....more

01 Jun 07: WHATS THIS...? AN UPDATE..: Yes, OK, I have been a naughty boy...I have been neglecting this website. I could use all the excuses in the world, but the cold harsh reality is that I have been a bit lazy....OK, since the last update, we have completed 2 championship, seen 1 track continually upgraded, 1 track with a new configuration, 2 new tracks come online, 1 track lost & another completely pulled down & is in the progress of a total rebuild. Yes its been a busy time....more

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