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2017 Series Trophy
All eight meetings count towards the trophy for 2017.   A point score will be given from the overall result of a meeting.  Points will be awarded as follows;    (Open Wheelers, JDP and Rookie Groups not included)

1st 50 points       10th  19 points      19th    8 points
2nd 45 points      11th  17 points      20th    7 points
3rd  40 points       12th  15 points      21st    6 points            
4th 36 points       13th  14 points      22nd   5 points                     
5th  32 points       14th  13 points      23rd    4 points
6th 28 points       15th  12 points      24th   3 points
7th  25 points       16th  11 points      25th
   2 points
8th  23 points       17th  
10 points      26th and beyondprovided they started;   1 point
9th  21 points       18th    9 points

Bonus points for heats are as follows (if equal winners points will be divided [to two decimal places]);
     1st 8 points    2nd  5 points    3rd  2 points

A count back system will be used if equal on points at the end of the year.  The person with the most meeting wins, then seconds etc. will be awarded the higher place, if still not resolved the highest score at the first meeting will be awarded the higher place, if still not resolved then next meeting will be used and so on.

Series Trophy
Entering an Event
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Automatic Timing
Regularity Resource Pages
The dates for 2017 are as follows;
group C competition               
19th February                               + Rookie Round 1
th April                                        + Open Wheelers 1
28th May   (Team Challenge)            + Rookie Round 2
 June                                       + Rookie Round 3
30th  July   (Club Championship)        + Open Wheelers 2
th September                              + Rookie Round 4
29th October                                   +  BMW Challenge
19th November                                + Rookie Round
 For a printable .pdf calendar click here 
2017 Ladies Series again confirmed.  Click here for details of the 2017 series