28/02/18  Don't forget the next round is a team challenge round (all 3 groups combined).  Organise yourself into teams of 3 or go into the draw to be placed into a team.  Over the 4 rounds on the day 1 team members score is used twice and the remaining team members once.  Once team members score is nominated to be used it can not be subsequently changed.
28/02/18 Well done to the ladies last Sunday.  A clean sweep, winning all of the heats.  The guys are a little worried! 
23/02/18  Participants disclaimer now available.  Bring it out with you on the day
30/01/18 For those wanting photos from the dinner that are availablehere f.o.c. thanks to Little Gem Photography
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Entering an Event
These pages are resources relating to the Modern Regularity events hosted by Track Time Motorsport (a division of the Austin 7 Club of SA Inc.) at Mallala Motorsport Park, South Australia 
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Automatic Timing
The dates for 2018 are as follows;
group C competition               
25th February                                     + Rookie Round
27th May   (Team Challenge)                   + BMW Challenge
24th  June *                                               + BMW Challenge
29th  July *                                                 + TBC
16th Sept  (Club Championship)                   + BMW Challenge
18th November *                                      + Rookie Round
 For a printable .pdf calendar click here   
* 2018 Ladies Series again confirmed.  Click here for details of the 2018 series